The Art of Survival

Survival is the art of escaping with life. It is a science, because it’s based on rules, but though numerous, they are absolute. Their use depends on who applies them.

Survival techniques and solutions are very old and have evolved with the passing of time. It is no wonder that survival technique is closely related to the history of wars and has become a science during World War II and afterwards. Many soldiers, airmen, sailors, prisoners who found themselves in the sea, jungle, desert, etc. when catastrophe happened were forced to live-or-die in adverse conditions.

In a desperate situation struggling for your life you need to know how to survive. You need to know what, how and where to get anything useful to make it out alive. You need to know how to keep your health and strength and how to apply medical treatment to yourself or others, in case of injury or illness.

In a desperate situation you have to be able to keep up your own courage and find the strength to comfort other members of the group, even if you think the future is not promising.

Remember: If you want to survive, you can!

There is a very important principle in surviving catastrophes: in order to survive and escape you have to really want it to overcome adversity.

Prevent and Survive situations:

  • Be careful
  • Be active
  • Be responsible
  • Be efficient
  • Be optimistic
  • Communicate with everybody
  • Be creative
  • Respect the Nature
  • Get Involved

 Stay Alive!

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