The Art of Survival

Survival is the art of escaping with life. It is a science, because it’s based on rules, but though numerous, they are absolute. Their use depends on who applies them. Survival techniques and solutions are very old and have evolved with the passing of time. It is no wonder that survival technique is closely related toContinue reading “The Art of Survival”

Water and Sinking Car Situation, What you need to know to survive a Car Crash in Water

  Just imagine that you’re driving down the road and an animal suddenly darts out in front of your car. Instinctively, most people will swerve to avoid hitting it, and in the process, it’s easy to lose control of the vehicle. The action you take will perhaps depend on the situation that you are in.Continue reading “Water and Sinking Car Situation, What you need to know to survive a Car Crash in Water”

Why today’s education should be more about survival school

Imagine dropping someone off in the middle of the sea, to survive in water for a day. What are the most important things that person needs to help them survive? Survival, really being prepared to survive, means being able to control your fears, manages your emotions and put your ego in check. To truly beContinue reading “Why today’s education should be more about survival school”

Swimming Survival’s Blog

What it’s this Swimming Survival? Swimming Survival it is a course program developing for everybody who is swimming in the sea, river or doing aquatic sports. The intent of this course is to teach you specialized aquatic techniques for swimming survival in all kind of situations. The survival swimming skills, techniques, and procedures outlined inContinue reading “Swimming Survival’s Blog”