Water and Sinking Car Situation, What you need to know to survive a Car Crash in Water


Just imagine that you’re driving down the road and an animal suddenly darts out in front of your car. Instinctively, most people will swerve to avoid hitting it, and in the process, it’s easy to lose control of the vehicle. The action you take will perhaps depend on the situation that you are in.

Car accidents are frightening, but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying, and for the most frightening experiences imaginable for most people.

Most deaths are a result of panic, not having a plan and not understanding what is happening to the car in the water. By adopting a brace position to survive the impact, acting decisively when the car ends up in the water, and getting out fast, being trapped in a sinking vehicle is survivable.



Escape from a sinking car situation

You will need self – composure and a glass-breaking tool.

Calm down

Avoid panic by reminding yourself that your car will usually float for a minute or two before it begins to sink. Use this time to unfasten your seat belt, open the driver-side window or a sunroof, and unlock the doors.

Break the car window

If you were unable to open your side window, break it with your elbow, heels, or anything pointy you have on hand.

Point for the center of the window


Get out the car

Climb out the window before the car becomes submerged, and swim to the surface.


Wait for the car fills

Don’t panic if you were unable to get out through the window. Let the car fill with water, knowing that once it does, the water pressure inside and out will be equalized, allowing you to open the door and escape, them Open the door and swim up.

Try to remain calm as panic reduces energy.

Stay Alive!



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