Why today’s education should be more about survival school


Imagine dropping someone off in the middle of the sea, to survive in water for a day. What are the most important things that person needs to help them survive?

Survival, really being prepared to survive, means being able to control your fears, manages your emotions and put your ego in check. To truly be prepared to survive, you need to cultivate a mindset that goes far beyond just having the skills to survive.

I am suggesting that knowledge is a powerfully ally; I say knowledge is the key to survival. But if knowledge alone is enough to survive, how do you explain that many people, with little to no actual survival training, have managed to survive some of the most horrible survival scenarios imaginable?

Definitely, more than anything else, courage combined with sustained perseverance and passion towards long-term goals, will help him or her thrive in this challenging environment.

The first problem with this pedagogy is that it is not interesting; the students have no idea why someone would want to survive a scenario in the first place. If the material is not interesting to the student, there will be no passion and no chance to develop courage and curiosity. At the same time, if the student does not care about the material, they will have no motivation to continue after they will feel a blockage, so there will be no perseverance.

The biggest problem though is that even when students succeed, they feel no reward. Educational materials should be more about rewards, where the students show interest of thoroughgoing study.

Today’s education system focuses on teaching should be more on scenarios of how to Stay Alive in the wildness or open seas.

Ultimately, education is about preparing students for the future. Given the uncertainties the future holds, the best way to prepare students is to give them the tools to adapt and learn whatever they need to develop. Teaching water survival will give students the opportunity to learn how to learn, while also providing opportunities to develop the courage that is so instrumental to success. When students can make and solve a water survival scenario, they can change the world in whatever way that inspires them.

Stay Alive!



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